Why Consider Pet Insurance?

Pet ownership comes with inherent financial responsibility, but when there is an unexpected illness or accident – the cost of necessary medical treatment can quickly escalate.   Veterinary procedures and treatments have become advanced, and there is often a lot we can do for our sick and injured pets.

The cost of procedures such as bloodwork, x-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans or MRIs is comparable to human medicine.   The difference is that much of our human healthcare is covered – and for our pets….it is not.

Pet insurance can provide “peace of mind” to owners by ensuring that they will have help in paying for unexpected and sometimes costly veterinary care for their beloved pet.

FREE 6 Week Pet Insurance Trial 

When you bring your new puppy or kitten (7 weeks of age or older) to Williamsburg Veterinary Hospital for the first examination with one of our veterinarians, we are pleased to send you home with a FREE 6 week trial of insurance**.  This FREE 6 week policy is through one of the pet insurance companies called PetsPlusUs.  With this policy, your new pet would be covered for accidents and illnessess (that are not pre-existing) for a period of 6 weeks – at no cost to you!***   This allows time for you to decide if having pet insurance coverage is something you want for your pet.

**This FREE 6 week trial of insurance is also available on your first visit with an older pet (up to 8 years of age) at no cost. 

***If a claim is made during the 6 week trial, a $100 deductible is applied.

For more general information on pet insurance and a list of pet insurance companies please go to the Pet Insurance Info page on the OVMA website (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association).